Josh Homme Has Rejected Massive Reunion


Kyuss founder & drummer Brant Bjork recently recalled his iconic band’s legacy. He further talked about a reunion attempt which failed in 2011. He held guitarist Josh Homme & bassist Scott Reeder for the unsuccessful attempt.

Josh Homme opens up on the matter

Many fans might not be aware of Kyuss band but the rock world would have certainly looked different without it. Rising from Palm Desert, California, the unconventional four-piece was born out of geekiness and badassery and went on to cut its teeth on the outrageous(ly fun) “generator parties” in the middle of the desert.

The combination of the band’s unconventional take on stoner rock and their unique live energy, Kyuss was ready to take over the world in the early ’90s, even though creative differences and interpersonal issues led the band to a premature end in 1995. Nevertheless, the legacy of Kyuss lives on, largely driven by an enduring and dedicated fanbase, while its two seminal albums – 1992’s “Blues for the Red Sun” and 1994’s “Welcome to Sky Valley” – remain quintessential stoner/desert rock listens which number even the likes of Dave Grohl among their fans.

Asked to comment on the band’s legacy in a new interview with Classic Rock, Brant Bjork said:

“What impact did the band have? I hear from some younger bands that we were influential, and that’s flattering. But I was a longhair punk rocker and I’ve had my head down for twenty-five years, so I haven’t really paid attention [laughs].”

The band’s name famously stems from a Dungeons & Dragons character, and Bjork recalls his nerdy roots:

“I was nerdy in the sense of being obsessive about stuff. I wasn’t good at school, but I liked dragons and medieval things, so I got the game, but it gathered dust in my closet for years. When the band formed we needed a name. I saw ‘Sons Of Kyuss’ on this game, and that was that.”

In 2011, Bjork, bassist Nick Oliveri, and vocalist John Garcia tried to get a Kyuss revival off the ground, going under the name of Kyuss Lives! However, a legal complaint launched by their ex-bandmates Josh Homme (now of QOTSA fame) and bassist Scott Reeder quickly put an end to it.

Asked whether the issues are now all resolved, Bjork said:

“I guess, technically, spiritually, literally… What happened was a real shame, and that broke my heart. Kyuss was very dysfunctional, but that’s what made the music, really.”

Bjork, who currently also plays with Oliveri in the power trio Stöner, has got a new solo album titled “Bougainvillea Suite”.