Motley Crue Make Brutal Freddie Mercury AIDS Revelation


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed in a new Q&A with fans that he was so disturbed by late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury dying from AIDS in November 1991, that he had to pull over his car on the way to rehearsal when he heard the news. A Queen member recently revealed the sad truth about John Deacon’s absence from touring.

A fan asked, “What’d you do and where were you when you found out the news Freddie Mercury passed?”

Sixx responded, “Driving on the 101 freeway to Motley Rehearsal. I had to pull off the road.”

A Motley Crue member recently called out a ‘monster’ after being told bad news. Queen guitarist Brian May posted on his Instagram on Wednesday morning, “Good Morning ! Another day, another … erm … bike !! This one doesn’t have any wheels of course, but it kinda makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere … this one is quite friendly – it’s in Houston.

We had an amazingly memorable night in Dallas last night – thanks guys. And special thanks to the fabulous Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leaders – how stunning was that !!! Proud to have you on stage with us, dear gals. The speed of the tour whisks us away and already last night seems a long way away.

Looking forward to flexing our muscles tonight in Houston. And watching our Texas folks flex theirs !!! Well, gotta start with fitness. In mind and body. Sometimes it ain’t easy. That’s when you gotta try harder !!! Rick On Folks ! Bri XX.”