Motley Crue Member Accused Of Relapse By Rock Icon


Alice Cooper told Appetite for Distortion in a new interview that one member of Motley Crue was not sober on the band’s final 2015 tour. Motley Crue have been in the news with the release of ‘The Dirt’ biopic, as Nikki Sixx shared a disgusting photo of Tommy Lee a few days ago. The episode recap states, “The icon Alice Cooper is fresh off a mini-tour with the Hollywood Vampires, his band with Johnny Depp and Joe Perry. He won’t be home for long as he will embark on a summer and fall tour. Including some dates with Halestorm.

We discuss the Vampires, life on the road, and ask him about recording “The Garden” with Guns N’ Roses. All that and more!”

Alice Cooper said about the final Motley Crue tour, “To us, everything is open at all times. I’m not one of those guys – as big as Alice Cooper has been for 50 years, when Motley Crue says, ‘We’re gonna do our final tour, would you guys be our special guests?’, we would say, ‘Sure.’ There’s no ego there. ‘Okay, sure.’ For us, we wanted to be in front of their audience, because their audience and that generation have only heard of the legends of Alice Cooper. I said, ‘Let’s show them what Alice Cooper is.’

I think we gained more fans doing that tour than any other thing that we ever did. Their audience suddenly went, ‘Oh my gosh, I never saw anything like that.’ It was a really good tour; we’re friends with Motley, they’re all sober now… well, three of them are, and it was a fun tour to do. Any other band would’ve gone, I think, ‘Oh, we’re not opening…’ I didn’t say ‘opening,’ I said, ‘We’re the guest stars.’ We’re used to headlining, but I saw the opportunity of being in front of a million of Motley Crue fans, and I knew that they were going to love our show.”

Sounds like he enjoyed the tour! Tommy Lee, who had one of his strongest performances on the final Crue tour, was recently filmed by his wife in a fireworks attack!

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Alice Cooper’s comments.

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has been ordered to pay his ex-lawyers $170,000 after he claimed they overbilled him due to his rock star status, The Blast reports. A judge has ordered him to pay $148,962.50 for fees and $21,207.06 in court costs for a grand total of $170,169.56. In 2018, the lawyers at Howard & Howard Attorneys, PLLC filed court documents claiming that they were owed $187,364.01.

Despite allegedly not being paid, they still worked on a lawsuit in defense of Vince. The suit was filed in 2016 by a woman who accused the legendary rocker of attacking her outside the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. Neil’s alleged assault led to “substantial medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress,” according to the lawsuit. She was seeking $75,000 in compensatory damages in addition to $75,000 in punitive damages and legal fees. Neil disputed the bill from Howard & Howard Attorneys, alleging they overcharged him “for numerous legal services based upon his status as a celebrity. Many of the charges in Howard & Howard’s billing are questionable at best.”

He took issue with a specific bill where he was charged $1,784.50 for 4.3 hours spent on writing a letter relating to the case.

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