New Slipknot Member May Have Been Unmasked


The mystery surrounding the new Slipknot member has grown even crazier in recent days, with Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan refusing to reveal his identity. Now, fans are analyzing side by side photos of a man in a hotel who could be who fans have been calling ‘Tortilla Man.’

The two photos show a man wearing similar shoes. Could it be Tortilla Man? Slipknot fans are on the case on Reddit, analyzing the photos more than the Zapruder film that surfaced after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963.

FrancescoGenio posted:

“The mystery is getting darker…”

namao commented:

“I know. It can be a coincidence, or not. But, maybe? Height and skinny more or less the same. I’m only throwing wood on the fire.”

mad_ballistic said:

“Maybe this boots only for Slipknot members? Hm…”

Jay_HardyMultifarious wrote:

“Maybe Clown isn’t actually real and he is a time traveling deity.”

Grayl13n posted:

“Kinda of a stretch… 😂 I have several pairs of Adidas that are very similar. But I’m not the New Guy either.”

namao responded:

“I think you didn’t leave the same hotel with Slipknot members at the same time either😂”

Grayl13n commented:

“But…. maybe I did🤔”

Chef_Boy_R_Deez said:

“Is it Tortilla…boy???”

TPara47 wrote:

“Its Eminem!”

Chef_Boy_R_Deez wrote:

“Definitely a similar build…I was about to say maybe a little too short but that’s because my only reference is Mick standing in front of him who is a fucking giant lol. So it very well could be him. Not to mention how much of his face is obscured by headgear. Not necessarily a sure thing but roadies don’t have to hide their face that much usually.”

onigramm commented:

“I remember seeing a short video of that scene on here a few weeks ago. I thought this guy was trying to be sneaky… Could be him… Or not!”

To be or not to be…Tortilla? from r/Slipknot