Motley Crue Member Attacked Two Fans At Club


The Hulu mini-series, which focuses on the infamous sex tape of Motley Crue member Tommy Lee and bombshell actress Pamela Anderson, has certainly been one of the streaming platform’s most popular titles to date. Although some have certainly questioned the authenticity of the show, Pam & Tommy, there is little to question the actual entertainment value of the product as both Sebastian Stan and Lily James put on performances of a lifetime that really draw in the viewer. Tommy Lee recently made this lewd remark about these 90s icons.

With all of that being said, however, one instance where the authenticity of the show came into question was fairly recently during a recent episode that shows Lee being thrown out of the famed Viper Room after an incident with a couple of fans. In the episode, Lee is seen drinking the Viper Room, having to use the restroom when two fans go up to him and say that their unauthorized sex tape was “the greatest thing” since Motley Crue’s 1987 “Girls, Girls, Girls” album. This angered Lee and would fight with the two fans until he was kicked out of the club. However, this is not what would happen in reality as the details were apparently somehow worse – instead, Lee was charged for battery for throwing a cameraman to the ground and pepper-sprayed reporters while leaving the venue.

These details, along with Lee pleading no contest to criminal charges and thus getting two years probation as well as being asked to pay a $17,500 fine toward the photographer are visibly absent in the Hulu miniseries. The season finale for Pam & Tommy will air on Hulu on March 9th, 2022. The real life Tommy Lee along with his Motley Crue cohorts will be gearing up for a busy 2022 as they will be embarking on the long-awaited ‘Stadium Tour’ which kicks off June 16th at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia.