AC/DC Member ‘Gains Muscle’ For 2020 Tour In Photo


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans was recently photographed in the gym gaining muscle for his 2020 tour. Evans wrote, “Always great to get back to the gym during time off from touring. Strengthening and toning up the body as well as the mind before the touring begins again in a month’s time.” An AC/DC singer ripped an Angus Young ‘kicking out’ remark recently.

AC/DC fans on recently wondered why the band haven’t had more 80’s live releases. SmithyAC/DC posted, “Baffles me that this band has been going for 40+ years and we have such little live material, extra’s, unreleased stuff etc compared to pretty much every other band out there.”

Nitroangus23 said, “The gigs mentioned are known to exist due to bootlegs we have, obviously if released the quality would be a massive improvement.

The real question is, do they have all the elements needed for some of these major gigs (Largo ’81,Rio ’85 ect.) To remix and clean them up properly. All we can do is hope that if and when they get around to trying is that they have what they need to do it right.

LTBR the Movie’s re-release was a mess between the Sony/Warner conflict and they apparent loss of the multi tracks. How we went from a stereo mix on Bonfire in ’97 to a mono mix in ’11 is quite the shame.

Hope that Largo’s tapes are stored well and ready for some archival love soon.”

DoinNothingMeansALot responded, “That’s just it though; LTBR was literally released cinematically and they couldn’t locate the masters. If they would have kept anything at all, logically it would be that. What makes you think they have well stored masters of random shows from an era the band don’t want to acknowledge exists?

And wasn’t there Largo stuff on Backtracks in the same quality we’ve already had it in for years?” An AC/DC icon revealed a ‘balding’ singer photo recently, is it Brian Johnson?