Motley Crue Member Drugged Actress With Ecstasy


Pamela Anderson has had a very tough life in her relationships. Some things don’t have to be mentioned as to why, but with her love between both Tommy lee, which was filled with drug addiction and scandals, and her love interest in Kid Rock after that – it all just made for a big mess…

Per Yahoo, In her book, Anderson stated that she felt that she needed to be “on 24/7” when she was newly married to Lee. She never felt up to the speed that was needed, but she would eventually find it, but not in a healthy way. She said Lee had put ecstasy in her champagne the night they began discussing marriage.

The relationship was full of jealousy and issues as she recalled Lee visiting the set of ‘Baywatch’ on days she was scheduled to film kissing scenes with her costars. Tommy would brush this off and say that it was all for “quality time”.

Pam would say: “He got so angry and jealous when I had scenes with other men, especially if I was kissing someone else. That was out of the question,” she wrote. “They started changing the dialogue and scenes if they saw Tommy coming. I even wore a pager on the back of my bathing suit on set — ‘007’ meant ‘call Tommy now.'”

Through this, she never truly found the happiness that she wanted. She just wanted everyone to be happy, but that just was not possible, so she started switching to various drugs to give her some form of a smile.

She stated: “I liked how the pills kept me awake, and I could get a lot more done. But the side effects meant I was losing weight fast.” This worried everyone around her as she went deeper into a depression and false hope.