Rush Singer Geddy Lee Reveals Who He Gets High With


Rush frontman Geddy Lee has revealed that when he drinks wine that it ‘gets you high’ and that it gives him ‘hedonistic’ and ‘visceral pleasure.’ He said he likes taking his family on wine tasting trips. Geddy Lee recently revealed his favorite drug.

“I mean, wine has the added benefit of giving you a hedonistic and visceral pleasure. They taste good and they get you high, so that’s an added bonus. But there are so many wine regions of the world. It’s really important, if you’re going to collect something, to be specific about what you’re collecting. Otherwise, you’re a hoarder. There’s a fine line between a collector and a hoarder.”

Geddy Lee revealed last month who he begged for a surprising amount of money. He added, “The difference is having a specific goal in mind and building a collection that has some sort of meaning. So with wine, it took me years to refine the things I really love the most. I eventually ended up being a consummate Burgundy nut. But the pursuit of knowledge and understanding winemaking and wine regions has been a great bonus to my life, because it drove me to go to these places where wines are made — to go to these vineyards, take my family, take my dogs, and go hang out in a different part of France any time I could get a summer break long enough.

The one obsession that my wife and I both share is we’re travelers. We have the travel bug; we can’t sit still for too long. So the more things you can find to do along the way, the better.” You can read the full interview at Sharp Magazine.

Rush fans recently discussed the song that got them into the band on Reddit. SimpsonMcKay posted, “Which song got you into Rush? For me it was Working Man. A friend put it on in a rock club a few years back and it freaking blew me away. I immediately bought Gold to get a taste and then one by one went through the albums. They are now genuinely one of my favorite bands 🤘😁”

pass_the_meat responded, “I was at a high-school performance and one of the bands played TSOR I went home and immediately listened to it a bunch of times, it was amazing. About a year passed and I heard limelight on q104.3 and fell completely in love with Rush.”

WBSpectrum said, “Was about 13, my friend Dave says to me ‘I think you’ll get this’ and drops the needle on Natural Science. Been a huge fan ever since.” Geddy Lee took a brutal shot at a Neil Peart classic last month.