Motley Crue Member Reveals Last Time He Did Drugs


Nikki Sixx posted on Facebook on Monday, “Woke up today like many many days and years being so grateful I am sober. Hardest thing I ever did and the greatest thing I’ve ever done.In july I hit 22 years. I had a few year’s twice before that but it took me a moment. If you string all the years together my body has not really had drugs and or alcohol damaging it for close to 30. The reason I share this is it’s something you can do believe it or not. Find the right group, meetings, sponsers etc and USE the tools. The tools are life saving. The more you know the more armor you have when the devil comes knocking. God bless those struggling. DO it for you FIRST and watch your family, friends and everybody around you start to heal. You got this. Happy Monday. N.”

A very happy birthday is in order to the one and only, Mick Mars. While the legendary artist has had his share of ups, he’s also had a pretty rough year as well.

The recent legal dispute between Mick Mars and Motley Crue has generated much interest among fans and onlookers alike. The core request of Mars’ filing is for Crue’s team to produce records and documents that Mars believes they have been slow to turn over prior to arbitration. However, what has garnered attention is the supporting documentation that outlines Mars’ disputes with the other band members and their management.

The key questions that have emerged include whether Mars quit the band or was ousted, whether retiring from touring constitutes resigning altogether, and who is really unable to cut it on stage. The Crue camp has released seven signed declarations from key crew members who worked on the 2022 tour, alleging that Mars’ performances were disastrous, throwing the other band members off their game or forcing personnel to switch to pre-recorded parts to cover the guitarist’s frequent mistakes.

Mars’ attorney is infuriated by the release of the documents, arguing that they come from employees who rely on the band for their livelihoods and that there are no declarations from anyone about the other members’ playing. He suggests that the case is not about whether or not Mars can still play but about gathering disparaging declarations to kick someone out of the band for not playing properly, ironically after he tells you that he can no longer handle touring anymore.

In contrast, Crue’s attorneys gathered the signed declarations in anticipation of a need for evidence of Mars’ allegedly poor playing.

In all honesty, both sides make sense, as Variety went to show, and it will be up to the courts to determine the outcome of this dispute. The legal battle is likely to continue for some time, but it remains to be seen what the ultimate resolution will be. Can Mars really claim money is owed to him if he did quit or was fired? Well, personally, I don’t think so, because if you quit a job or are fired, you’re really not owed anything. Then again, we will have to see what happens next.