Motley Crue Rehearsal Video Without Singer Leaks


Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue posted a video on Instagram which shows his daughter Ruby cutely bopping her head and banging along to the band’s rehearsal. This is the first Motley Crue 2022 rehearsal video, and singer Vince Neil appears to be taking a break.

Sixx posted the video on his account, writing, “Ruby’s first band rehearsal. Sitting in on SATD. ♥️ 💣”

Recently, news about a work-in-progress play focused on Motley Crue and Nikki Sixx titled ‘The Crue’ made the rounds on social media. Motley Crue fans flocked to this and Nikki Sixx himself got word of the project because of all the buzz the news generated.

Unfortunately, Sixx seemed upset about the play and stated that he was disappointed to see that his name and his band’s trademark The Crue were used to promote the play.

The reason why he was upset with this play was that the advertisement is misleading. It suggests that Sixx and the other members of the band will be in the play, which is not the case. Sixx clarified that Motley Crue was never approached for the play and the band has no connection or affiliation with it whatsoever.

There do not seem to be any legal issues between the band and the play so far. As the creators of the play are not using the band’s actual name, there may be a legal loophole that they might be able to exploit.

In other news, former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi said in an interview that he was intimidated by Gene Simmons.  You can read the story here.