Motley Crue Singer Spotted Eating With Big Name Model


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil and his partner Rain Hannah were spotted having dinner with legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford a few weeks ago. Nikki Sixx called out a big name pedophile in a recent tweet that he later deleted.

Crawford wrote on Instagram, “Dinner crue.”

Lisa Rinna commented, “Wow. The neighborhood is really getting groovy 🌿”

Bobbi Billard chimed in, “Awww! My fave model from back in the day. You look beautiful. 😘”

Nikki Sixx’s wife Courney Sixx recently said that she missed being pregnant after recently giving birth to a daughter.

Courtney said, “All of my girlfriends told me I would really miss being pregnant…. Well they were they right. (I didn’t think so at the time- I had a very easy pregnancy but I thought once she was here I wouldn’t miss being pregnant)

But I have to say… I do miss those sweet baby kicks. ♥️ 📷 @nikkisixxpixx @nikkisixxphotography”

Nikki Sixx commented on his lovely wife’s photo, “I love you.”

Vince Neil recently revealed if his Motley Crue replacement was awful. Tommy Lee’s wife, famous podcast host Brittany Furlan Lee, recently dyed her hair blue. She wrote in a beautiful photo, “Mother of birbs.” myfairykxng commented, “OK I know blue is supposed to be a sad color, but I feel blessed after looking at this sooooo” victoriaskye84 added, “DM’d you bc of your snaps!”