Howard Stern Reveals Disgusting The Who Disrespect


Howard Stern discussed The Who being disrespected at Woodstock on his show on Monday when discussing the 50th anniversary of the legendary festival. Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan called out a Woodstock 50 lie a couple of weeks ago. recapped: Howard said Carlos Santana was at Woodstock and he wasn’t a big star yet. He said that he took acid that day and he was completely high when he went up to perform. He said that he was hallucinating that his guitar was a snake. Howard played a song from the movie that he performed.

Howard said Sly and the Family Stone was there. He played their song. Howard said he went to see that movie like 100 times. Robin said she owned the album. Howard said The Who didn’t go on until 5 in the morning on Sunday. He said he was out west on a camping trip when this was going on. He said The Who played the Tommy album. He said they finished during the sunrise. Howard said they were really good there. He said imagine hearing that and the sun is coming up.

Howard said Abbie Hoffman interrupted The Who during their set. He said they told him to get the fuck off the stage. Howard said Abbie went up yelling about this guy John Sinclair and the band yelled at him to get off the fucking stage. Howard Stern revealed a stunning Jimi Hendrix paycheck yesterday.