Myles Kennedy Reveals If Slash Is Focused On Guns N’ Roses Or Next Conspirators Album


Slash’s bandmate and Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy appeared on Eddie Trunk’s radio show earlier this week. During the interview (via MyGNRForum member GoBucky), a fan called in and asked when new stuff is getting done with Slash. Kennedy responded by saying that the Guns thing is huge and going so well that he doesn’t know, and then the subject was changed.

With new photos of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash in the studio recently surfacing, a Rock Antenne interview conducted with ex-Creed/Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti a few months ago was discussed by fans a few days ago, as it appeared to reveal what Slash’s next album will be.

“All of 2017 we’re all dedicated to Alter Bridge, so we’ll be touring all year long. The following year is when we’ll go our separate ways for a little while. I’ll do my next Tremonti solo record, I know that Slash’s camp has already started recording music, and Myles has to go in and sing on that. We’ll constantly keep juggling the 2 or 3 bands.”

He also said Alter Bridge’s members have to plan out their projects years in advance due to the other projects members are involved in, which includes Kennedy’s work with Slash.

“3 years probably. We have to know how the next few years are laid out, so that when we put out a record we’re not just cannibalizing it with another record.”