Taylor Momsen Releases Music Video With Soundgarden


The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen has released a new music video with Soundgarden members Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron for “Only Love Can Save Me Now.”

The Fez Man commented, “The fact that this one was with Kim and Matt from soundgarden just makes it even more awesome! Also, anyone else notice Matt holds his left drumstick backwards?”

ChaoticToast DBFZ commented on YouTube, “See people crawling out of their trees Chained to sickness, the dogs are free” Is such a bad ass lyric to start the song with !!! Im not really sure what Taylor means here but I feel like I was once a dog tied to my tree for the longest. Chained to this sorrow, regret, and overall just helplessness.

Dogs could also be a reference to hellhounds in folklore though due to heaven being out of the sky but I’m not sure what fits the category of people crawling out of their trees. Either way, I like to take it as I was the person crawling out from my tree I was leashed on that became free after being bound for so long, but I still wasn’t emotionally stable making me a dog in society. This album is so so so so good thanks so much Taylor and Matt and Kim and the rest of TPR especially Jamie because Drummers are sick and he needs more LOVE for how good he is !!!