Slash’s Brother Who Called Axl Rose Fat Attends Guns N’ Roses Show, How Did They React?


Slash’s brother Ash Hudson attended Guns N’ Roses’ show in Los Angeles at Staples Center over the weekend. Hudson infamously called Axl Rose fat in fall 2015 as rumors were heating up about a GNR reunion, but it appears that tension has subsided in the last two years. Slash’s father also attended the show. Hudson was received warmly by GNR keyboardist Melissa Reese, who took a photo with him.

See the photos below, followed by Hudson’s 2015 comments about Rose.

We reported the following story on September 11, 2015:

Slash’s brother Ash Hudson has apologized to Axl Rose on Facebook for calling him a ‘fat bastard’ and ‘Fat Elvis’ in recent Facebook posts. He said that Axl is losing weight now due to a strict diet:

I apologize to Axl and his legions of fans who were offended by my post of yesterday.

I am sorry I shot my mouth off, I know, or should know better than to get involved in GNR business. It has come to me attention that Axl is on a strict diet and losing weight.

Unfortunately, my post was very offensive and upsetting to my brother, for which I apologize.

To the rest of the world,…I had one of these days when people kept asking me about a possible reunion and I had had enough…again my apologies

After calling Axl Rose a ‘fat bastard’ and ‘Fat Elvis’ a couple of days ago on Facebook, Slash’s brother Ash Hudson continued his digital assault on the iconic Guns N’ Roses frontman with another Facebook post on Tuesday. Hudson created a meme depicting Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers films with the words ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ on the photo. “Welcome to the Jungle” is the name of one of Guns N’ Roses’ biggest hits, and the photo follows up on the ‘Fat Bastard’ diss. Hudson deleted the photo later Tuesday night, as he has been doing with many recent Facebook posts regarding Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses.


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s brother, Ash Hudson, trashed Axl Rose and the idea of a Guns N’ Roses reunion on his Facebook (according to Slash World) earlier this week, as transcribed by Alternative Nation.

You obsessed fans of guns n roses. Fuck a reunion. If you love guns enjoy what they made and move on. To dream of the opportunity that you could see them all together to me is like saying “I love the guys who invented my door in my apartment”. I walk thru it all the time. I wish they would get back together and invent a new door. What’s wrong with the door you have? It still works. You still use it. And you fucking fanclub page host need to get your own life to spend all your time figuring out what slash is doing first.

And to act like you have an education degree of guns n roses and yet you have your own families but still you spend most of your day and life as an undercover fanboy serving up the gossip with an attitude like you have some power over other fanboys & girls is like if you never stopped wearing superman underoos and think as an adult your fucking superman. It’s all so dumb to me. Not sure if I’m making myself clear. But grow up. Get a life. If I get one more fucker asking me will guns do a reunion tour I’m blocking them. Axl is a fat bastard and the reunion would only be a disappointment and an action that would result in criticism. Just sayin.

Ash wasn’t done, as he later posted another comment comparing Axl Rose to Fat Elvis:

That’s just it! They were the best of all time no where to go from there. They captured lightning in a bottle. Nothing left to prove. It’s done. Are the stones the Stones you grew to love in the 70’s ? Fuck No!. Now a circus act. You loved Axl when he was beautiful now he’s Fat Elvis. So move on people. Buy slash’s WOF album.

Slash recently revealed that he is friends with Axl Rose again. We’re guessing Ash isn’t friends with Axl Rose.