Neil Young Confirms New Release With Pearl Jam


Neil Young has confirmed on his website that he is continuing to work on a Pearl Jam ‘Mirror Ball’ tour movie, despite the pandemic slowing down work in the music and entertainment industries.

“We are working on the full length movie of that tour. It rocks!”

Gold Rush had previously posted on the Ten Club board, “All of Neil’s records are being released on vinyl eventually as part of his ORS project, but there has been no announcement for Mirrorball yet. It’s not one of the 4 releases that he has planned for this year (but he always changes his mind!) but it will be out eventually.

The last reply he posted about it was that Mirrorball Live is a film and ‘may be a record, when we get it ready.'”

NewJPage posted last year, “I’ve never heard it was shut down. Neil’s been talking about it for awhile but releases things when he wants them out. Reprise wouldn’t tell Neil he can’t release something

As for Give Way, wasn’t that just Best Buy basically releasing it without the band’s consent?”

Tempo-n-groove said, ‘It says’ Epic prohibited it’s release”

Give way was shut down by Sony too as was seen in the Cease and desist letter. Record companies stopped the releases so I’m wondering if there were any others that might have got shut down and hidden? There could be some gems out there still?”