Neil Young Reveals ‘Brain Cancer’ News To Fans


Neil Young recently revealed a note to fans from another fan who died from brain cancer. The note was posted with Neil’s response on Neil Young Archives. Neil Young recently revealed a disease he once had.

“Dear Neil,

What follows is the letter my dear friend John, wrote to you a while back during one of our vinyl nights. Today he resides in a palliative care with brain cancer. I asked if he would like me to type it up and send it to you. He said yes. He just wants you to know how much you mean to him. Ron LaBelle.

Dear Neil Young,

For quite a few other people it’s just another Tuesday night. But not for me. You see ‘I just turned 42 and I was wondering what to do.’ So I decided to write a letter. A letter I’ve been meaning to write my whole life. But you know how hard it is to catch a little time never mind hang on to it…but I digress…

I have the privilege to be listening to some ‘Hitchhiker’ on a record which is better than off the record. We started the night with Blues and followed that highway down to where the Alma’s sleep. Then ran out of gas at Woodstock and crashed with Robbie who introduced us to a friend of his named Bob, who always said apples of universal truth rotted his teeth. So we played a little harmonica to turn our busted into flush. Rented a few llamas and headed north just following the light ye see. I gave my friend a record to play, shining a sound like a lighthouse in our minds, so we followed. Like disciples following the Lord. Followed up to the misty mountains up into The Rockies where there’s still a few quiet places where, if you’ve got a chance, you can hear what you’ve got to see.

It sure does take me a long time to say thank you. You are one of my oldest companions and thank you for following the music and big drum because I got to ride along for the price of an LP. Johnny Skull.

(follow up 1/2/2020)

Hey guys,

Thanks so much. Johnny passed away peacefully this morning. Ron LaBelle.”

Neil responded, “PEACE JOHNNY. Long may you run. Love, thanks, Neil.” Paul McCartney recently made an ’embarrassing’ Neil Young claim.