Neil Young Confirms Bad Disease In ‘Goodbye’ Message


Neil Young discussed Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and getting polio as a child in a new Q&A on Roger Waters recently made an ’embarrassing’ Neil Young claim.

A fan asked, “Hi Neil, short question: did your paths ever cross with Leonard Cohen? I’ve been reading your Waging Heavy Peace and now I dived into Sylvie Simmons I’m Your Man. I couldn’t find one reference or link between you two. Actually your name is mentioned once, when Joni Mitchell is described as a talented painter, who contracted polio in the same epidemic as Neil Young, another small town raised Canadian. Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye! It surprised me since you seem to have a lot in common, an era, musical influences and above all sincerity and a deep poetic profoundness. Anyway, thanks for the good work and have a blessed 2020! Jonas.”

Young responded, “Thanks Jonas, Leonard Cohen was a master of his craft. I did not know him very well though I have lots of admiration for him. Love, N.”

Young also posted on his website, “Adam Schiff made a beautifully organized and thoughtful presentation of the reasons why our President was impeached by the House. It was refreshing to see it presented so well, minus the talking heads and cheap one-sided banter between the networks.

It would be rewarding to see the other side of the aisle stand up and tell their story in a succinct and thoughtful manner and I have faith they can. Then we would all be served equally by our elected representatives.

I long for the return of a balanced newscast in the USA, one place where both sides of the story are represented, well and factually, without demeaning comments and one-sided attitude, a place where all Americans can get the news.” Howard Stern just revealed an ’embarrassing’ Neil Young performance.