New Details From Stone Temple Pilots Singer Contract Leak


A source has shared another portion of Stone Temple Pilots’ nondisclosure agreement for auditioning singers, and it relates to a possible documentary project. The source also stated STP had huge cameras in the studio for auditions. There were GoPros on Eric Kretz’s drum kit, and at least three 8K broadcast cameras. Stone Temple Pilots debuted Jeff Gutt as their new lead singer on Tuesday night at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The ‘stipulations’ portion of the NDA contract states:

STP has agreed to furnish the performing and songwriting services of the musical group known professionally as Stone Temple Pilots (“Group”) for the purposes of auditioning with Artist. Artist has agreed to furnish his own services to participate in one or more auditions and rehearsals with the Group, which are expected to involve Artist’s singing lead vocals and possibly contributing lyrics and music to songs, and which performances and songs are expected to be audio and visually recorded for use in a documentary or narrative film or television project.

The contract also states:

Artist further irrevocably grants to the Group, to the STP Partnership, and to their designees the unrestricted right to use Artist’s name, voice biography, likeness, and performances (“Appearance”) in perpetuity and in all media, including the right to alter, edit, or not use Artist’s Appearance. 

Artist hereby releases the Group, STP Partnership and their designees from any liability, claims and actions which Artist now has or may have in connection with Artist’s Appearance, including without limitation, claims for libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, publicity or personality, false light, infliction of emotional distress, negligence, damage or loss to any personal property, loss of income, or any other tort or contract or other cause of action arising out of Artist’s Appearance.

Artist covenants not to bring any legal action against the Group, the STP Partnership, or their designees arising out Artist’s Appearance or the exploitation thereof on any legal theory, and expressly agrees that any claims Artist could make will be limited to actions at law, with waiver or any claim to a remedy for equitable relief, including without limitation the right to rescind, nullify or enjoin the rights granted herein to use Artist’s Appearance for any purpose whatsoever.