Corey Taylor Reveals Bold Truth About Mick Jagger


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor gave his thoughts on Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones continuing into their 70’s, and he appears to want to repeat what they have accomplished. The Rolling Stones revealed a surprising ‘sickness’ at a Denver concert over the weekend.

He told Vulture, “You play to your strengths, and as long as you can realize that, you can. I mean, look at the fucking Stones. Those guys are in their 70s. It’s crazy. If I could be half of that, I’ll be all right.”

He also discussed his own singing range, “It’s crazy. I’m getting a lot of my range back. I used to have a really high range. But over time, just touring as much as we did, it slowly eroded the top half, and then smoking and drinking didn’t help. Even though I quit drinking, continuing to smoke the way I did fucked it all up. It destroyed my lung capacity.

But I’ve gone about five years without smoking now, and you can definitely feel the difference. I love it. I get pissed now because I’m like, ‘Fuck, I wish I’d done this 10 years ago.’ Like, what’s it gonna sound like in five more years? Honestly, it’s one of the things that keeps me from even touching cigarettes anymore. I listen to my voice and, Jesus Christ, my recovery time is half of what it was before. I can consistently sing longer and harder than I could, even when I was younger. It’s definitely kept the tonality and the strength in my voice. So I keep telling singers, ‘Dude, do yourself a fucking favor. Get rid of that shit because the difference is fucking night and day.'”

Corey Taylor recently reacted to a new Tool album bombshell. DrDrVader posted on the Slipknot Reddit about not receiving his copy of the band’s new album We Are Not Your Kind, “I still have not received my copy of WANK. I was hesitant to buy this CD in the first place, especially preorder from the website, because of Slipknot’s poor performance with shipping things in the past. Their customer service is a joke. It was still in pre-shipment today, and after my third attempt to reach their customer service, I sent another email stating I want a refund and will be denying the package. I get a response that they’ll refund me (which takes 5 business days). This is the last thing I buy from this band. Their value in fans has diminished greatly over the years.

It took a month and a half, after release to get the .5 album, when preordered. Their tickets are more than The Rolling Stones. When you open preorder, make sure the product gets to the fucking buyer on time. TOOL, being a band that has a higher collective IQ than Slipknot and their entire marketing department, doesn’t charge your account until the product ships. They actually care about the people who support them.”