Nickelback Singer Reveals Drug Use At Concert


Goes to show – money, fame, public influence, and you can still play the role of the knucklehead. According to reports, Nickelback have publicly stated that smoking weed while attending concerts is cool. I can imagine a delinquent teenager who knows nothing about the world, and takes nothing into consideration like – the drive home, into consideration while saying such a thing. But a grown adult? This is utterly disgraceful. What a ridiculous statement to put out.

As per Ultimate Guitar: Weed smoking at live shows has become somewhat of a contentious topic recently, mostly due to the video of Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson criticizing his front-row cannabis-enjoying fan on the September 21st headlining show at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

Hard rock outfit Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, on the other hand, was asked by Loudwire Nights about his opinion on weed being smoked at the shows, and this is what he had to say via

“No, I usually say, ‘Blow it this way.’ You can see, if I’m walking across the stage and I’ve got the microphone, I turn around and go, ‘Whoa, something smells really good right around here!’ I mean yeah, that’s what rock concerts are supposed to be. You’re supposed to get a little bit of that.

“Well not only that, we’ve shot off so much pyro, and the chemicals I’ve inhaled from that… Oof. That’s far worse than somebody exhaling a little bit of pot smoke toward me, that’s not a big deal. It’s only gonna make the show better!”

It seems that Nickelback have become advocates for the popular herb recently since they released an album entitled “Get Rollin'” on November 18th, where one of the songs, “High Time,” has a weed anthem vibe, evident by the song’s lyrics and title.

You can find both Dickinson’s and the “High Time” video above (if you really want to listen to it).