Watch Chris Cornell’s Brother’s Emotional Visit To Grave


Peter Cornell posted the following message and video on his Facebook about visiting his brother Chris Cornell’s gravesite over the weekend:

We visited my Brother today. This video was meant to be a thank you to ALL OF YOU who have visited him from far and wide and have left letters and flowers and pictures and mementos and even a guitar. It was just too much for me and I fell apart. I wanted to share it with you anyway.

Today broke my heart all over again. Crushed it. Fucking crushed. But through the tears I found the understanding of why a person would visit a gravesite. Somehow there is this need to stay connected. I just had a conversation with him. I knelt down and I cried and I missed my Brother.

Maybe the tears wash the sadness out of us. I don’t know. Thank you and thank you again. This journey belongs to all of us.

HE meant the world to the world.
Much Love.