Nikki Sixx Reacts To Motley Crue Death Rumor


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx recently reacted to a fan believing he was dead after watching The Dirt.

Sixx first tweeted, “Got the cage-harness off my arm today.Dr said 2 weeks in this new sling.I’ve been proactive doing cryotherapy, acupuncture, herbs, magnet therapy, tens stimulation, laser therapy and ice…Being proactive with your health is really the key to having a longevity. #RocknRoll.”

“I can’t imagine my life if I was still a practicing alcoholic..Its a guaranteed death sentence or a life of spiritual, financial and emotional bankruptsy…Rock n Roll doesn’t need to be shrouded in addiction.We know better now…”

A fan then tweeted him, “My husband and I were watching The Dirt last night and he was shocked when I told him you all were still alive. I’m so glad you are.”

Sixx responded, “Yeah I am still kicking..HA HA.”

Sixx told Variety about The Dirt, “It was our intention to show the truth, but we didn’t set out to necessarily do ‘Trainspotting,’” says Nikki.

“We wanted to show the thrill of making it as a young band, and then, when people are just getting sucked into the story, the mood suddenly changes, and everybody’s actions come back to bite them in the ass. But it only made us stronger as a band. What I love is that you see how we made that series of decisions — the good ones as well as the bad — and ultimately decided to put the family back together.”

“The Dirt” shows that there are consequences to our bad behavior, and if the film lacks a feel-good, cathartic ending like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it depicts all the inherent pitfalls with stark alacrity, including Nikki’s own abusive upbringing.

“This isn’t ‘Spinal Tap,’” insists Sixx. “We wanted this movie to have the temperature of ‘Goodfellas,’ along with some of the saturation and grit of a ‘Boogie Nights.’”