Rage Against The Machine Member Rejected For Reunion


Rage Against The Machine members Tom Morello and Brad Wilk have finally broken their silence on the reunion tour, following Zack de la Rocha telling a fan what to expect. Morello and Wilk shared a photo of a Texas reunion show poster that leaked a few days ago. The Rage Against The Machine reunion has led to Prophets of Rage splitting, with B-Real and Chuck D recently confirming the split. B-Real has rejected the idea of reuniting the supergroup with Rage Against The Machine’s instrumentalists.

guitarman_77 asked B-Real on social media, “Thank you for sharing your great and meaningful music with the world! I suspect there will be some type of reunion someplace down the road 😉.”

B-Real responded, “Nope.”

Following Morello and Wilk posting the RATM reunion poster, the Instagram account they shared it from hinted at a major November 11, 2019 announcement, but the account then posted random memes and was deleted.

Derek Boolander recapped the Instagram user drama on Reddit, “Edit: if you go to @tommorello on Instagram his latest post tags @lxsdos_maintainstudios.

Edit 2: it seems toms post caption has been edited and now leads to @losdos_maintainstudios. Interesting. Edit 3: and now that @lxsdos_maintainstudios post has been deleted and the name of the account has changed all together. Edit 4: something screwy is happening. Now that lxdos account has skeletons humping. Edit 5: now that humping skeleton video has been deleted. What’s going on?! Edit 6: it now appears to be a meme account.”

It’s time to Rage Against The Memes and get the truth about this reunion tour. Howard Stern leaked Rage Against The Machine reunion tour dates a few days ago.

Something is coming 11/11/19 from r/RATM