Nikki Sixx Scares Motley Crue Fans With Loaded Gun


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has uploaded a photo with a loaded gun pointed to the ground near his feet. Several fans were disturbed by the picture in the Instagram comments section. Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee recently had his own drama, feuding with Courtney Love on Twitter.

del_god_io commented, “OK this is dangerous I do not approve Nikkolas.”

mattwilson51 responded, “@del_god_io what’s dangerous????? Sounds like you are just scared of a mechanical object and have built up a fear because of some liberal agenda, educate yourself kid.”

captainolaf_s wrote, “In the states are so much violence with guns and you are posting a picture with that. Wrong and stupid.”

tiki.davis.31 said, “Every one else is looking at the gun and here I am checking out the crooked pinky toe. 😬”

scottyp5608 commented, “So it’s ok for actors and musicians to have guns?”

aydenmcgee_ wrote, “Sheriff Sixx with his quick draw revolver.”

onelysb said, “It’s the Republicans who give you your right to carry not the Democrats you seem to support so much.”

italianqueen88882 commented, “For anyone saying that silly line that he has a “ silver bullet “ in there is either joking or don’t know what they r talking about. First off, it’s a cartridge, second only the case is silver, and third the bullet itself can be any number of choices but it’s not a silver bullet lol.”