Neil Young Unloads On ‘Nasty’ Paul Stanley Revelation


Neil Young‘s manager was reportedly asked by KISS, spearheaded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, to have Neil perform on a tribute album. Neil reacted to the story in a new Neil Young Archives Q&A about a rumored nasty phone call! Paul Stanley recently leaked bold messages from Gene Simmons’ wife.

The fan said, “Hi! In a recent interview with Record Collector Magazine, Gene Simmons of KISS tells the story about the time he was putting together the Kiss my ass – a tribute to Kiss album. According to Gene, the first manager he called was Elliot Roberts to ask if it was possible to get Neil Young on the album. The conversation went something like this:

Gene: Can I get Neil Young on this album?

Elliot: You want Neil Young on a KISS tribute album? Are you out of your f**king mind?

Gene: No, I’m not out of my f**king mind.

Elliot: Why don’t YOU cover Neil Young.

Gene: Okay, we’ll do Neil Young if he ever covers Kiss.

…And so on. Needless to say this never materialized. My first question is a what if question. Let’s pretend they actually made a deal what KISS song would you choose to cover and what song of yours would fit KISS? (My picks are Shout it loud and Opera Star, it would have been one hell of a split single) Discuss!

Thanks again for a wonderful site! Cheers, Martin.”

Neil responded, “Martin, never heard about that. Love N.” Paul Stanley recently leaked a painful Ozzy Osbourne disease photo.