Kurt Cobain Family Stunned By Offensive Motley Crue Photo


Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love has reacted to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee posting a photo of his wife Brittany Furlan to prove she has a ‘100%’ natural body, though he feared she’d kill him for posting it.

Courtney Love commented, “So cute !!💕”

The interaction is interesting, as Courtney Love and Tommy Lee were just recently involved in a social media feud over the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt. Love took a shot at the film in an interview, telling a story about watching the movie with friends and pointing out all of the stupid cliches, including drug stories. Tommy Lee ended up shooting back with a vicious comeback.

Love said about The Dirt, “I recently had three girlfriends over and we sat on my epic Majorelle art nouveau bed. My Rolfer came over to do his thing. We don’t call it massage—they get so pissed off, the Rolfers do. He does deep tissue bodywork on ladies. We watched the dumbest Netflix film ever called The Dirt [a biopic about the band Mötley Crüe]. It’s so stupid and vile about women, and just fucking dumb.

It was super fun to groan together. We had jasmine tea. We all got our bodies worked on and watched this white rapper named Machine Gun Kelly, and we just made jokes. I was like, ‘When’s Ozzy [Osbourne] gonna snort the ant?’ Then, within seconds, he snorted the ant. Then the Nikki Sixx character was like, ‘I have a new girlfriend. She’s sweet. She’s wonderful.’ I was like, ‘And her name is heroin.’ Two seconds later: ‘Her name is heroin.’ I was killing it.”

She made the remarks to Interview Magazine, which led to Tommy Lee saying she would never have a film, though a Kurt Cobain biopic ‘Heavier Than Heaven’ has been rumored for years.

“Hey Courtney, when’s your movie coming out? Oh wait…. Never!!!!!”