Nikki Sixx Speaks On Backlash To New Motley Crue Song


New Motley Crue song released in 2024

Mötley Crüe has entered a new era with guitarist John 5, releasing their new Motley Crue song “Dogs of War” earlier this year. The track received varied reactions from fans, reflecting the band’s enduring presence in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. However, bassist Nikki Sixx emphasizes that their primary focus is creating music they love, regardless of public opinion.

In a recent interview with Rockklassiker, Sixx shared his perspective on the mixed responses, as reported by Blabbermouth. He remarked that while it’s a unique time where everyone, especially on social media, has become a critic, the band remains unfazed by these opinions.

“We like the fact that there was kind of a knee-jerk reaction because at least people were listening,” Sixx said. He noted the pervasive critical culture but highlighted that true recognition goes to artists, not critics. “They’ve never erected a statue of a critic. It’s always the artist. But now everybody’s a critic.”

Sixx addressed the spectrum of fan reactions, from praise to criticism, saying,

“Within a short amount of time, we get, ‘We love it.’ ‘We hate it.’ ‘You’re over.’ ‘You’ve reinvented yourself.’ ‘It sounds like ‘Shout At The Devil’. ‘It sucks.’ And we just kind of sit there and go, ‘That’s cool, guys, but we didn’t really ask for any input from you.’ We’re just artists writing music, and we’re pretty cool. I’m happy with it. I like it.”