Motley Crue Will Not Record New Album


Mötley Crüe’s bassist Nikki Sixx recently talked about the band’s plans in an interview with Riff X’s Metal XS. He mentioned that they are currently focused on playing festivals, with their schedule booked until October.

Looking ahead, Sixx made it pretty clear that there are ongoing discussions about future plans, but clarified that there are no concrete plans for next year yet. He noted that the band has already recorded a few singles but emphasized that they are not currently planning to record any new music.

“We’re just playing festivals, and that takes us into October. We don’t have any plans next year yet. I know there’s some conversations about stuff. I mean, we have a few singles [already recorded], so I don’t see us [recording any new music right now]… We’re not gonna be around.”

Nikki Sixx elaborated on the challenges Mötley Crüe faces in coming together to record new music, citing geographical distances between band members and their respective commitments.

He resides in Wyoming, while Vince Neil lives in Tennessee, with other members based in California. Given these logistics, Sixx added that there isn’t a pressing reason to enter the studio immediately, especially since they already have two singles recorded and ready for release.

“I don’t think you’re gonna see a full-length album at any time. It’s easier now just to do a few songs at a time and release ’em in the right ways. Albums don’t exist anymore. With the MTV generation, you’d go to a record store and you’d find your favorite songs and your album and you’d buy the album, and you’d watch it on MTV and you can see your favorite bands. Now there’s a billion ways [to consume music] — streaming services and all those things.”

Sixx talked about the importance of having a strong inspiration or reason to record new material, considering the band’s busy touring schedule and their personal lives, including family commitments. He acknowledged that despite these challenges, the band remains open to creating new music in the future, but stressed that they are currently focused on other aspects of their lives and careers.

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