Nikki Sixx Threatens Def Leppard At Concert?


Nikki Sixx has taken to Twitter to joke with fans air out his sarcastic frustrations with Def Leppard and their sound. While many would believe that Nikki is being a bit harsh to talk about another band – it has to be made clear that Nikki Sixx is just having a laugh.

Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, and Joan Jett have been touring together and have been really shutting down everywhere that they are playing. In fact, as stated by Nikki Sixx, Def Leppard are playing so well that he wants to take the spotlight back by finding a way to sabotage them. Of course, fans don’t want this to happen as they all have been extremely happy with how well Def Leppard have been doing. It even seems like fans are in agreeance that Def Leppard are the best sounding band on the tour.

One band that hasn’t had the same pleasure are Guns N Roses who have not been able to get it right at recent gigs. Along with the issues of sound, the doors allegedly opened two hours late at two recent shows, leading to one of the support acts being cancelled. When the band eventually did come out, it was underwhelming to say the least. Axl Rose acknowledged the technical issues but this did not lead to any improvements. Fans would end up leaving early as it was “physically uncomfortable” for them to continue listening to the band’s performance.

Fans are now asking for a refund on tickets as it was nowhere near what they wanted out of the venue or the band. We now have a Guns N Roses member speaking up about the fiasco as he does not want a bad look on the legendary band or any of the members.

Richard Fortus (guitarist) would take to social media to talk about the issues that he and the band shared with fans. Richard was also not a fan of the venue and he stated that he, the band, and the sound techs all tried their best to get the best sound possible for everyone, but with having no experience at the new venue; they just could not get it right at all.