Nine Inch Nails Reveal How Add Violence Is Connected To Year Zero


The back cover for Nine Inch Nails’ Add Violence EP has surfaced, and it features several words, including one the strongly hints at a connection to the concept surrounding NIN’s 2007 album Year Zero.

The words include Tolerance, Bias, Abort, Complexity, Absolute Conditional, D.O.F., Weak, Strong, Presence, S.A.S.C., 007516M, Structure, Function, Grasp, Sense, Oblivion, Apperception, Satisfaction, Inertia, Strive, Self-Destruct, Morale, Integrate, Isolate, Disrupt, Disorder, Evolve, Stall, Regress, Control, Monitoring World Active, Idle, Cycle, Deviation, 85122, Submission, Restrain, Release, Engage, Anxiety, Advanced Self Awareness, Amplify Chaoes, and most interestingly EST Terminate Event: 0222.

In the Year Zero timeline, 2022 is Year Zero (0 BA). BA is when America is “Born Again,” presumably on January 1, 2022.

Below is the full Year Zero timeline from the NIN Wiki.

  • PK

    007516M is likely the “current global population” at the time of publish.

    Anxiety could also relate to the Cedocore part of YZ, where you could take a test for Situational Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety is set to 17 on the image, the test results for Cedocore, a score of 17 is “Your level of Situational Anxiety is critical. You could be a threat to those around you: friends, co-workers, and even your precious children. Remember, Prozira comes in tablets, lozenges, chewing gum, patches, and suppositories to fit any lifestyle. Find the one that’s right for you!”

    There doesn’t appear to be any hidden data in the back cover image (Steganography).
    I’ll ponder the details on the image some more I think.