Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Reveals Johnny Depp Texts


It was recently reported that Johnny Depp would be putting out a new album with fellow legendary rock guitarist, Jeff Beck. The album, called Isolation is due out this summer after being teased back in 2020. Another man who has quite a history with Beck is none other than Carmine Appice.

Appice has been one of rock’s largest names in drumming for several decades and has drummed for several of the genre’s largest names including Ozzy Osbourne and Rod Stewart. Appice would discuss his time as Osbourne’s drummer as well as being fired by Ozzy’s wife, the ever-so-controversial Sharon Osbourne.

As mentioned previously, Appice has experience collaborating with Jeff Beck as a member of Beck, Bogart, and Appice, this was a supergroup that was formed out of the Jeff Beck Group as well as out of Vanilla Fudge, which Carmine Appice and Tim Bogart were a part of. The group lasted from 1972-to 1974. Alternative Nation recently communicated with Mr. Appice asking for his memories of collaborating with Jeff Beck and his take on the Johnny Depp verdict. His response was given to us via the text below.

AN: With Johnny Depp announcing recently that he is going to be putting out an album w/ Jeff Beck, I was wondering if we could get your favorite memory recording Beck, Bogart, and Appice. In addition, if you’ve been following it at all, a comment in regards to the (Depp V. Heard) trial/verdict.

Carmine: I think it’s great that Johnny (Depp) won. (It’s a) shame that a woman had to do that to him. (In regards to) Jeff Beck, those were great days when people bought albums. We just went into the studio and jammed songs most of the time. We have a live 1974 album we mixed hopefully coming out. As Jeff said to me great humor in the playing – that is what it was like.

In a follow-up text, Appice would add in a tongue-in-cheek way, “Depp needs me on drums.”