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Nine Inch Nails Reveal Sad Rock Hall of Fame Snubs


Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor discussed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a new live Q&A.

“When we had the privilege of being inducted, quite honestly, I started from a place of cynicism, and kind of an eyeroll. I hesitate to look backwards, I think it’s kind of dangerous. I started out being flattered we were part of this, but when you see the list of bands that aren’t part of it, it’s awful as shit.”

He added that he later opened up to the idea of the Hall of Fame more, “This is actually pretty cool, there’s nothing wrong with feeling okay about being acknowledged. As I thought about that, with Nine Inch Nails, it’s never been just me.”

Trent Reznor recently reunited with several members of Nine Inch Nails’ ’90s lineup, including Richard Patrick, Chris Vrenna, Danny Lohner, and Charlie Clouser, during a special hometown show in Cleveland on Saturday night (September 24th).

Nine Inch Nails members had a great reunion

The reunion took place the night after Reznor and a group of his former bandmates appeared for a live Q&A at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, where only some of the rotating lineup was inducted in 2020. There seemed to be no bad blood on the stage though, as the frontman shared the spotlight for six songs to close out the one-night-only tour stop.

The former members collectively took the stage during the tour debut of “Eraser” from 1994’s The Downward Spiral, and they remained there until the conclusion of the show. Their mini-set featured early cuts like “Wish” and “Sin,” culminating in a first-ever NIN cover of “Hey Man Nice Shot” by the Patrick-fronted outfit Filter.

Somewhat Damaged
March of the Pigs
Less Than
The Lovers
Copy of A
Shit Mirror
God Break Down the Door
The Perfect Drug
Closer (with “The Only Time” interpolation)
The Big Come Down
The Hand That Feeds
The Frail


Eraser (Tour debut)
Gave Up
Hey Man Nice Shot (Filter cover) (live debut by Nine Inch Nails)
Head Like a Hole

Nine Inch Nails also recently performed at Santa Barbara Bowl. It was a sold-out show featuring support from experimental electronic rocker Yves Tumor. The show was one of the few 2022 tour dates that the band announced earlier this year, coming at the tail-end of a sparse year for the Trent Reznor-led group.

Yves Tumor kicked off the evening with a set culled from their most recent releases, 2021’s The Asymptotical World EP and 2020’s Heaven to a Tortured Mind, with some unreleased songs mixed in.

The band recently performed on September 24th at Blossom Music Center in Cleveland, OH, in addition to appearances at Primavera Sound L.A.Riot Fest, Louder Than Life, and Joe Walsh‘s VetsAid.