Taylor Momsen Shows Legs With Avril Lavigne In Photo


Pop-punk sensation Avril Lavigne has recently released her seventh and latest studio album, Love Sux – it was seen as a return to form for Avril as it was her three years since her previous effort – Head Above Water, which was released in 2019. Several fellow A-list musicians would collaborate with Lavigne on this effort including Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Machine Gun Kelly – the latter of which who she will embark on spanning a wide-spanning 2022 tour.

Was this Avril Lavigne collaboration recently leaked? On the other hand, fellow rock queen and goddess – the ever-so-vibrant Taylor Momsen has also been having an amazing couple of years. Momsen and her band, The Pretty Reckless put out their latest effort – ‘Death by Rock and Roll’ early last year, which was the group’s fourth effort and the band is continuing to embark on the ‘Death by Rock and Roll tour’. Taking to social media via Instagram, Momsen would post a photo of herself and Avril together in breathtaking, rockin’ black. You can check it out below.

Fans simply cannot get enough of the latest Avril Lavigne album “Love Sux” as one reviewer on Amazon noted: “So, first of all, I’m a die-hard Avril fan and my favorite album is Let Go. I adore this new one! It’s new and fresh but at the same time reminds me of early Avril (her only pop-punk songs were Sk8er Boi and the majority of The Best Damn Thing album -which is criminally underrated!) but with stronger heavier guitars and drums like Blink182 (in fact this new album is produced for Travis Barker’s DTA records) or Paramore.”

The reviewer would continue: “I love the energy this record has: some tracks are lighter and happier (Love It When You Hate Me, Cannonball and the title-track Love Sux) whilst others are angrier (Bite Me and F.U. -and believe me, this last’s an absolute banger!) but they all convey the same Avril adrenaline. Special mention to the ballads: Avalanche and Dare To Love Me… only 2, unfortunately, but they are spectacular and this last slightly sounds like her previous record Head Above Water, which went almost unnoticed by the critics and mainstream media but was very good nonetheless.”