Nirvana Bassist Finally Reacts To Famous Ripoff


Krist Novoselic has finally reacted to a famous Nirvana ripoff shirt that has the band’s name on it, but a picture of the 90’s pop rock band Hanson.

Novoselic tweeted, “Looking forward to @InGiants opening for @foofighters this Saturday. It was been my lifelong dream to meet Dan Grohl and Paul Smear.”

In 2015, a story went viral about the Nirvana/Hanson knockoff shirt.

Daily Dot reported at the time, “T-shirts are the best. Especially the ironic ones that are available for cheap online.

But the T-shirts below are at a different level. I’m not sure ironic is the correct description. Maybe sportively sacrilegious. Or blithely blasphemous. Or pricelessly profane.

But you know who might not see the humor in the T-shirt mashup? Nirvana fans. Because…

As the redditor who posted the image explained, “My dad’s in Bangkok and sent me a picture of this rare Nirvana shirt he found.” The joke, of course, is that the band on the T-shirt is not actually the seminal grunge act. It’s actually the three members of kiddie-pop group Hanson, circa 1997.”