Nirvana Bassist On What Kurt Cobain Would Have Thought Of Donald Trump


President Donald Trump recently tweeted, “North Korea has not conducted a Missile Test since November 28, 2017 and has promised not to do so through our meetings. I believe they will honor that commitment!”

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, who supported Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2016 Presidential election, tweeted in response: “Peace is the best policy.” Novoselic generally looks at political news from an independent, and not partisan, point of view.

A fan tweeted Novoselic, “I think Kurt would be laughing at this, would not he?”

Novoselic shot back, “Tell me, what would Kurt think about NAFTA and Canadian dairy laws?”

The Nirvana legend also recently wrote about Ranked Choice Voting on Facebook, a political cause he supports.

“Santa Fe, New Mexico elected a new mayor with Ranked Choice Voting.

If you don’t know how it works, here it is:

There is no separate primary election. The primary and general election are essentially folded together on one ballot where voters ranked the candidates they like in order of preference. For example, voters place their favorite candidate as their first choice, next favorite as second choice and on down the line for as many or few candidates they like.

The voting is much like runoff elections. Here are the voting results from the Albuquerque Journal that shows how a winner emerges.

In the First Count: Webber won 39.2 percent of first choices. Since he nor any other candidate did not win a majority of first choices, there needs to be a second round of counting. The other candidates got these vote shares; Trujillo 24.4 percent, Noble 22.4 percent Maestas 8 percent, Ives 6 percent .

Ives finished last and is eliminated. His voters second and third choices are transferred to the remaining candidates.

Second Round: Webber 41.2 percent, Trujillo 25.6 percent, Noble 24.1 percent, Maestas 8.9 percent.

We see vote totals rise-but not enough for any candidate to win 50 +1 percent. So Maestas is dropped and those voters second and third choices are transferred to the remaining candidates.

Third Round: Webber 44.8 percent, Trujillo 27.9 percent, Noble 27.4 percent.

No majority winner yet. Noble goes and those voters second and third choices are transferred to the remaining candidates.

Fourth Round: Webber 66.2 percent, Trujillo 33.8 percent.

Most Noble voters pushed Webber over the top to win.

Ranked Choice Voting can lead to less negative campaigning, shorter election campaigns, moderate politics and more. The proportional representation version of Ranked Choice Voting does this while solving gerrymandering once and for all.”