Nirvana Bassist Reveals What He Really Thinks About Dave Grohl Playing With Axl Rose


Right Photo Credit: Katarina Benzova

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic reacted to his former bandmates Dave Grohl and Pat Smear performing with Guns N’ Roses in a new tweet. He said, “Who knows what kinds of surprises are coming at Foo Fighters shows? Some unforgettable nights.”

Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses feuded in the early 90’s, though the central figures in the feud with Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain. It culminated with Axl Rose telling Kurt Cobain to shut up his ‘bitch wife’ Courtney Love at the MTV VMA’s when they were sarcastically asking him to be the godfather to their child. Duff McKagan and Krist Novoselic almost came to blows, but they later buried the hatchet.

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein was asked about Axl Rose’s reaction to Kurt Cobain’s 1994 death in a recent Guns N’ Roses Central interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Goldstein was asked if Rose’s media feud with Cobain, including the infamous MTV VMA’s incident, affected his reaction to the Nirvana frontman’s tragic death.

“It didn’t matter, he knew that Kurt was a fellow tortured artist. He was very upset, despondent, and I don’t know if it’s in Duff’s book or not, but Duff rode on an airplane back from Los Angeles the day before he killed himself. Duff has PTSD around the fact that he didn’t just hug him and say, ‘Come with me, don’t go to your house.’

“It wasn’t that strong of an effort, it was an afterthought. But you can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”

He discussed Axl Rose’s depression more in detail.

“I had lived it with my own brother, who is a genius manic depressive, who attempted suicide a number of times, so it wasn’t that foreign to me, I was just reliving my childhood basically. He was my best friend, Axl was born 6 years later but born the day after my brother, so the Aquarian tortured genius manic depressive, I shared a room with that guy for 14 years, that was my brother. It made me more emphatic, I certainly understood, I was the one who could the call at 2, 3, or 4 in the morning that Axl wasn’t doing well, I happened to be the guy to go sit with him, sometimes for days at a time.”