Nirvana ‘Bitching’ At Rock Hall of Fame About Major Snub Revealed


In a new WMMR interview, Joan Jett discussed performing with Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, and later at Cal Jam in 2018. Jett credited Nirvana’s surviving members ‘bitching’ at the Hall of Fame committee as a big reason she got inducted.

“Getting a call was one of those things where you had both emotions — it was, like, ‘Oh my God! I’m scared shitless. The reason I’m scared shitless is ’cause I know I have to say yes. I have to do this.’ I mean, how, as a rock and roll fan, could you say no? As a Nirvana fan? So, that was not a possibility — saying no.”

She added, “Being asked was such an honor. I didn’t wanna read into it too much and think about it too much, so I just practiced and got it together. And luckily, we had some chances to go through the song before we had to actually play it that night. But, strangely, I was very calm, which is not normal. I should have a certain level of anxiety, and I’m glad I wasn’t petrified, ’cause that makes it tough too. But I was strangely calm, which then gave me a sense it was all right, just karmically, that I was doing this. And I was calm.”

Jett went on to say that “it was an amazing, amazing experience” to front Nirvana.

“I remember turning around and looking at Dave and just seeing his hair flying and thinking about, ‘Wow! It must be really cool to play these songs,'” she said. “And Pat Smear I’ve known since he was in The Germs, ’cause I produced that band many, many years ago — in 1980, or whatever it was. And so he is in Nirvana. And I look at him, and he’s grinning ear to ear.”

Jett praised Krist Novoselic, “He was so funny. I think he’s the one that got me into the Hall Of Fame. ‘Cause he was bitching afterwards, saying, ‘Can you believe she’s not in the Hall Of Fame?’ So I think they guilted ’em into it.”

Jett said she never got to hear Courtney Love’s thoughts on her performance.

“She was there, but I didn’t speak to her. I don’t know her really enough to go up and say hi. She was around. I know she said hi to Dave and stuff. But we didn’t come face to face. But I’m fine with her, as far as I know. I have no problem with Courtney.”