Nikki Sixx Savagely Calls Out ‘Fake’ Motley Crue Ripoff


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has claimed that the Hard Rock in Atlantic City has a ‘fake’ signed bass of his. A Motley Crue icon revealed if he really is rich yesterday.

A fan tweeted Nikki Sixx, “Ran into some @NikkiSixx/@MotleyCrue goodness at @HardRock in AC.”

Sixx responded, “Not mine. Somebody sold the hard rock a fake.”

Another fan asked, “what do you do if you’re driving in your car and a @MotleyCrue song comes on the radio? Are you listening to it or changing the station? #AskSixx.” Nikki responded, “Probably getting a speeding ticket?”

Nikki Sixx also announced a great new campaign to combat the opioid crisis, just a few days after making a stunning heroin announcement. “@talktomenoac #talktome is a new campaign aimed at reducing the stigma associated with #opioid use disorder. Join in the conversation with @iHeartMedia, @WPP, @ForsMarshGroup, government leaders and others as we build bridges to beat this epidemic. #addiction #opioidcrisis #recovery #communication #epidemic.”

He also said, “26 years he’s been building @motleycrue brand and many many others careers too. He makes us think outside the box and raise our standards. He will push you, fight with you and make you a better artist…In the end we win the SÜPERBOWL and get most the credit. Finally credit do where credit is due..Congrats Allen.You so deserve this. 🤘🏽” Howard Stern recently made a bizarre Tommy Lee claim.