Nirvana Perform With Dave Lombardo On Drums


Nirvana’s surviving members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic covered X’s “Nausea” with Dave Lombardo on drums and Violet Grohl on lead vocals.

Destructo5000 commented on YouTube, “You have no idea how happy this made me! Really good to see Chris again after all these years as well. And Violet has a badass voice. You are the best Dave. Don’t ever change man.”

Robert Hartmann wrote, “Finally there is a organist. My mom was a organist for a church for Presbyterian church in Brentwood long island ny. But my mom pasted away on may 20th 2019.. we moved to Maine in 1985… this would make my mom proud to hear.. glad they added an organ to this.. it’s like the 60s or 70s where they added a organ to their music.. this is kool… !!”

Michael Pelaez chimed in, “The best Take Your Daughter To Work Day ever! It’s so cool that Dave wanted his daughter to sing this song and carry on the family tradition and play a song that his long lost cousin was a part of.”

Maggie concluded, “When Violet and Dave sang together I was kinda floored by how similar they sounded. They do sound different, but I think you can tell they’re father and daughter if you know what I’m saying. Their voices sound great together!”