Nirvana Ripped For Bizarre Show Demands, Worse Than Van Halen?


A new UBSpectrum article details negotiations to get Nirvana to perform at the University of Buffalo’s Alumni Arena in 1993. UUAB renegotiated terms and promised a “massage therapist” to get the band to play. A student also discussed Nirvana making a demand similar to Van Halen regarding M&M’s, and called them spoiled. David Lee Roth has explained that Van Halen made the M&M’s demand to ensure that all safety protocols were being followed, so Nirvana likely did it for the same reason.

It’s 1993 and Kim Greenfield is sitting on her living room floor, talking on the phone with Nirvana’s attorneys.

She’s shuffling through 30 pages of paperwork for the grunge band’s upcoming UB performance when she sees an interesting detail in the band’s requests.

Nirvana wants several bags of M&Ms –– every color except green.

As director of the former University Union Activities Board, Greenfield oversaw an all-student staff and helped create campus events.

But on Nov. 5, 1993, her job was to tell her staff to handpick hundreds of green M&Ms out of Nirvana’s candy supply.

“Somebody had to sit and pull all the green ones out,” Greenfield said. “It kind of plays to that piece of artists being spoiled or being kind of big for their britches as they get more famous.”