Nirvana To Reunite With AI Kurt Cobain?


Nirvana‘s Krist Novoselic recently joined in for an interview with NME about the 30th anniversary of their seminal album ‘In Utero.’ He talked about the potential of using AI to complete and restore old music, and the chances of the surviving members dropping new material.

The grunge icons’ third album was released three decades back on September 21 and would go on to be their last, with frontman Kurt Cobain taking his own life just seven months later.

Produced by Steve Albini and containing the singles ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, ‘All Apologies’ and ‘Rape Me’, the record proved highly influential as a merciless and uncompromising response to the phenomenal success of predecessor ‘Nevermind‘.

Announced earlier this month, the band shall soon be releasing a deluxe 30th anniversary reissue of ‘In Utero‘ – with three super deluxe editions that comprise a total of 72 tracks with 53 previously unreleased live tracks from some of the final live dates from Cobain, Novoselic, drummer Dave Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear.

“This one’s got a lot of cool things like backstage passes and little things you can hold, like The Who’s ‘Live At Leeds’ record,” said Novoselic. “I’m excited about the live shows on there, because they used AI. We took the digital audio tapes from the soundboard in Rome, Seattle and Los Angeles, then the AI can separate all the instruments and we got a really good mix out of it.”

He was asked if Nirvana ever consider using AI for unreleased Nirvana material, just as The Beatles are set to on their upcoming “final track“ to which he replied:

“That’s a good idea! I’m glad I spoke with you today, because that’s interesting,” Novoselic replied. “I’m going to bring that up with Dave and Pat! I can hardly wait to hear a new Beatles song. Come on, it’s The Beatles! I want to hear a new Beatles song! And if AI helps it, then absolutely – that’s the way it is today.”

He also talked about potentially releasing a new music together. He said:

“Yeah, we actually have some material. Dave already spilled the beans on that. I’m going to bug Dave about that! ‘Hey, what about those jams we did? What do you want to do with those?’

“Thank you for reminding me – that’s another good idea!”