Rush Member Makes ‘Kidney Disease’ Revelation


Acclaimed Rush member Alex Lifeson has ditched the guitar for the paintbrush. However, it is all for a good and worthy cause! According to the the Rush tribute site, Alex Lifeson has created an original painting all in the name of fighting Kidney cancer. The painting, which is signed by Rush guitarist is for the Brush of Hope charity foundation that is put on by the Kidney Foundation of Canada. This Rush fan recently made a sad Geddy Lee alzheimers claim.

In other news regarding Geddy Lee and Rush, fans of the band discussed the merits of the group’s third studio album ‘Caress of Steel’, released in 1975 and it’s legacy in a new topic within the Rush subreddit.

Tiddertag proclaimed:”‘Lakeside Park’ and ‘Bastille Day’ are solid tracks in my opinion. The album’s intended focal points, however, were the two epics, primarily ‘Fountain of Lamneth’ but secondarily the mini-epic ‘The Necromancer.’

I think ‘Fountain of Lamneth’ has some decent parts but by and large it doesn’t flow very well and doesn’t really present the epic multi-part theme it was intended to. A lot of it sucks. I think Alex [Lifeson]’s solo on ‘The Necromancer’ is awesome. But you have to kind of hunt and peck and skip forward through a lot of crap to find it’s great moments. It’s definitely not an album most people can be reasonably expected to just play from start to finish and enjoy.”

Rush singer Geddy Lee recently announced a huge movie. The user concluded by stating: “I Think I’m Going Bald” is just ridiculous. I think the band’s latter-day consensus that they were smoking too much weed at the time explains a lot. Nevertheless, it’s much better than anything from after ‘Moving Pictures.'”

Shivermetimbers68 declared: “It’s raw, production-wise, and definitely their ‘least’ commercial effort. Necromancer and Fountain are what I would call ‘vintage epic prog rock’. Both are great, though slightly flawed in parts, compared to ‘2112’, ‘Xanadu’, ‘Cygnus’, and ‘Hemispheres’. But it’s Rush in the 70’s. It’s got a lot of greatness, the jam in ‘Necromancer’ is one of my favorites, ‘No One At The Bridge’ would have made a great full-length song. ‘Lakeside Park’ is a Rush classic. ‘Bastille Day’ is raw progressive rock, at it’s best and is the first guitar solo I ever taught myself at age sixteen.”

The user finished off by saying: “But I can do without ‘Panacea’ and the voice-over long intro of ‘Necromancer.’ And ‘Bald’ is fairly weak, a more ‘proggy’ version of In The Mood. It’s my favorite Rush albums are a 10, I give this 7/10.” This Rush singer made a bold Rock Hall of Fame demand recently.

For more information about the Kidney Foundation, please visit their website at, or check out their Facebook page HERE.