James Iha Reveals Why Billy Corgan Hasn’t Changed: ‘There Was Drama’


In a new NME interview, Smashing Pumpkins members James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlin discussed Billy Corgan in the 90’s compared to now. Iha and Chamberlin officially rejoined The Smashing Pumpkins earlier this year for a reunion tour and new album, which was released last week.

“Honestly for me, there’s never really been one Billy versus another,” drummer Jimmy Chamberlin told NME. “We’ve always had a great relationship. When we’ve disagreed, it’s always been a peaceful disagreement. We can always see each other’s point. There’s just really no point in being that way any more. Having been around for this long is no mean feat. We’ve all reached the point that we can just stand back and celebrate this in the most graceful way we know how.”

And for Iha?

“Billy’s the same,” he laughs. “Well in some ways he’s changed his perspective on the press and how the band is viewed, but he says a lot of the same things though. He has strong convictions haven’t changed, his outspokenness hasn’t changed. There was drama with us all in the past, but it feels like a movie I watched a long time ago.”