Oasis’ Liam Gallagher Hilariously Rips Noel Again


Liam Gallagher has doubled down on his ‘potato’ nickname for his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel on Twitter, now attempting to create a ‘pouting potato’ meme with a photo of Noel looking unhappy.

Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher revealed in a new interview with The Star that he hasn’t been on speaking terms with Liam since 1996.

Your brother (Liam) recently ranted angrily about you on Twitter. What caused that?

That’s so unlike him. I guess it was about him staying relevant. If you’re him, what else is there to tweet about? How his spring/summer collections are doing for his clothing firm? I’m not sure that warrants a tweet. Should he ever climb out of the “where are they now” basket and grant you an interview, ask him. I’m sure you’ll get a typically f—ing surreal answer.

So you’re not speaking?

We’ve not been on speaking terms since 1996. I tolerated him up until he stopped being able to sing. When singing becomes shouting — I switched off then. I was just amassing money.

So when you toured together since, you didn’t have anything to do with each other?

No, not at all. I’ve always been a loner anyway, even as a child. I prefer my own company. I’m literally the only person who can put up with me.