OCEANDVST Lay Heart On The Line On “Dead End Hope”

Pop-punk trio Oceandvst’s latest single “Dead End Hope” is a prime example of what bands are capable of when they are not afraid to lay their heart on the line. The band self describes themselves as “a safe space for the broken,” and “Dead End Hope” is just that: an emotionally charged, dynamic, energetic song that is not afraid to take musical risks or tackle the complicated issue of mental health.

Lyrics like “I’ve been hiding all this time just to heal” and “We’ll never escape this never ending fate” channel feelings of isolation that can easily be related to by anyone who has gone through an intense emotional experience. Lead singer Chrysa’s vocals do an excellent job at conveying the song’s message of despair and resilience. Her soaring melodic voicing, and her ability to seamlessly transition between the softer and more intense moments of the song, is reminiscent of both Hayley Williams and Halsey.

The music itself conjures comparisons to Paramore and My Chemical Romance, blended perfectly with metalcore and alt-metal bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Bad Omens.

Opening up with a slower, more atmospheric riff, the song quickly picks up and establishes a strong backbone driven by fierce hard-hitting drums and dynamic overdriven guitars. One of the most impressive moments in “Dead End Hope” comes about halfway through when Oceandvst really shows off their creativity and changes the direction of the song in a way that is both surprising and intriguing. The breakdown’s twists and turns catch you off guard in the best of ways, but doesn’t feel out of place in the track. Instead, it’s fun, engaging, well orchestrated, and feels special in that it gives the vibe of a live rock performance.

“Dead End Hope” offers you everything you could want from an alt-rock, pop-punk, post-hardcore song without the mundaneness that can sometimes be present in other band’s less inspired offerings. The lyrics are impactful and meaningful, and the ebb and flow of the instrumentation itself is both electrifying and memorable. You can really tell Oceandvst truly takes pride in what they do, and that they lead with a level of openness and honesty that allows them to channel their raw emotions into something quite impressive.