Oddnote’s “Money Comes, Money Goes” Is Rock’s Next Generation For Soundgarden & Nirvana Fans


Wow. I know I’m not alone when I think about the current state of rock music and feel…kinda blah. Time tested legends of the form still make headlines with strong late-career albums and sold-out shows. But where is our next generation? For the love of God, can we please have some fresh, exciting rock bands that stop us in our tracks and make us say, “God Damn, that’s legit.” If you’re like me and you’re on the prowl, waiting patiently to have your face rocked off- wait no longer; Oddnote may just be what the doctor ordered.
Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Oddnote consist of the perfect blend of big, hooky choruses mixed with some nice grit and swag; oozing attitude with every riff, lyric and (odd) note. The day in age when rock bands could possess you may be in the rearview mirror but Oddnote go a long way to reclaiming the genre’s storied past. Hearing a song or two simply won’t satisfy. Take “Money Comes, Money Goes” the killer second track from their infectious, eponymous debut album. The track opens up with a swinging, slightly sludgy riff, reinforced with a menacing bass line grumbling below the surface.

Lead vocalist Arman Asadsangabi takes center stage declaring, “Money Comes, Money Goes”- and you’re hooked. You have no choice. He delivers that line with an authenticity all too absent from modern rock singers. Oddnote straddle the line between garage rock, throw back classic rock and 90’s alternative rock beautifully. The track never lets up- with a chorus containing a hook big enough to catch Jaws all the way through its Rage Against the Machine inspired closing guitar solo. Brilliant and unexpected, the solo serves the perfect cherry on top to bring the track to a finish.

The eponymous debut, which was released on January 18th, it a harrowing journey down into the imagination and explosive creativity of a band on a mission. The band rocks a real Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators vibe. Strong guitar work and musicianship with a powerful, rich vocal delivery and presence. You get the sense the band wanted to take advantage of every second of the fifteen tracks throughout the album. “Why” with its slightly psychedelic country vibe and “Neurons” play as a couple more of standout tracks. But truth be told, there’s not a bad song to be found on this truly impressive, intriguing debut.

I’m just as starved for some exciting rock as the rest of you. And believe me. I wouldn’t steer you wrong You gotta check out Oddnote. Give it one listen and without a doubt, you’ll find yourself happily revisiting the album; looking forward to a follow up. Make sure to check out Oddnote on their various social media sites below!






  • Carrie Walker

    Hey, not too bad! Like the video and will be checking out more of your tunes. PEACE 😀🤗

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  • Trovoid

    It’s alright but it’s not very original at all. Nothing about their sound seems natural.