John Frusciante Reveals If He Will Return To Red Hot Chili Peppers


wesleyredhot has claimed on on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Reddit page that he recently conducted a very short Q&A with reclusive former RHCP guitarist John Frusciante via Skype with the help of a friend who was with Frusciante. He provided a screenshot in the thread, and said it took place on December 20, 2017. Note that Frusciante himself has not offered any public comment regarding the validity of this interview.

  • DanSwon

    wtf is that screenshot meant to be?

  • Da Braddah

    That is the most useless, retarded, grammatically challenged article ever. So glad I wasted 5 minutes reading it. Lame.

  • Raj

    John Frusciante “I tried to resist the trappings of bring a rockstar.” He’s left the Peppers twice, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it a 3rd time. Maybe a one off appearance.

  • Creepy Green Light

    Here’s whats going to happen; when we least expect it, the RHCP’s will announce they are embarking on a world tour to play Blood Sugar Sex Magik from start to finish but with John back in the band. Tix will sellout in 2 mins and will go for buku $$$ on the secondary market. I’ll be there for that as back in 1991 or so I got ripped off when I saw the RHCP’s at Lollapalooza 2. I had to watch Arik Marshall play all of John’s parts. Lame.

  • Deda Mićun Spajdermen

    Brett a.k.a. Alternative Nation you know you’re an idiot, right? LOL 🙂

    • Iva

      NAJBOLJE IME IKAD. LOL. Genije. Ne z’am da li bi se Mićun složio, no ajd’. 😀

      And LOL, this website and its sensational news. 😛 Especially after John dissed them and called them lame back in 2015. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Strange bird, that one.

  • RhcpMaely

    there are references that the wesley is a Brazilian version of rhcptv5, and that he is a pretty liar guy , I think they should confirm the information before uploading it, since it is from a very dubious source.

  • Malc Saunders

    The 2 most stupid questions you could actually ask John Frusciante to be honest…

    • astrocreep7


  • Gabi Sermoneta

    The only thing worth my attention is that fab pic of the Peppers with John. I hardly finished the article..

  • huggalump

    Well this was a waste of time, but fortunately it became obvious that this article is a waste of time well before the end.

  • HDN900

    John ? Hope not because he is not interested playing rock music and certainly not in the sense that he used to be – not as a rock guitarist. Dave Navarro is definitely better. There is not enough rock funk style in Josh, no solos, no energy, no…true RHCP style (atm good for radio pop crap). He plays too minimalistically, the guitar disappears somewhere in the tracks, so far away from quality like on BSSM, OHM, Californication. Different styles, but unbeatable quality.