Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate Reveals Disgusting Weight Loss


A couple of days ago we reported that Greta Van Fleet had high praise for Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde has hilariously claimed his Black Label Society record Sonic Brew leads to fans getting diarrhea and losing weight after seeing the songs from the record performed lived.

He told Loudwire, “I enjoy watching people cut weight and calories and get ripped for their summer bodies by losing 18 to 15 pounds every night when we perform these songs.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed additional comments.

“I think every style of music – whether it’s metal, jazz… You know, when I’m doing hot yoga, I listen to some other forms of dance, electronica. But the whole thing is… Whatever music you gravitate…

“You know how everybody is saying, ‘Rock is dead’ or whatever. You can say that for every genre of music. Like, disco is dead? No, disco is not dead. Studio 54, from the ’70s to the ’80 – let’s say ’76 and 1980, and Studio 54 was done. No.

“When you go out to rave clubs, electronica, BPM music – that’s Studio 54, man. It’s just dressed up differently.

“So, it’s not dead, it’s just dressed up differently. So any form of music, you can say that jazz is dead or whatever. No, it isn’t, because there’s still plenty of amazing jazz musicians that are still doing stuff.

“And there’s still amazing metal bands, or black metal, death metal, rock bands… Whatever genre of music it is – it’ll be fine.

“Like, everybody has been saying that the guitar is dead or whatever. You go on social media, there are so many amazing players right now and you’re gonna sit here and tell me that guitar is dead? Get out of here, man.

“It’s just nonsense. It’s like saying anal bleaching is out. No, it’s not. Because I’ve got my appointment in about five minutes from now. But what I’m saying is – certain things just don’t go out. They go in, but they don’t go out.”