Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers Try To Cover The Smiths & F*ck It Up


During Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance at Rock on the Range on Sunday, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer tried to cover The Smiths classic “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore.” Early on Klinghoffer abandoned the song, quipping: ‘I knew I’d fuck that up.’ Watch the video below!

Can’t Stop
Dani California
Dark Necessities
Nobody Weird Like Me
Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Right On Time
Higher Ground
Under The Bridge
Suck My Kiss
By The Way

Around The World
Give It Away

Drummer (and Michigan native) Chad Smith decided to troll fans by putting ‘Michigan’ on his drum set. Michigan and Ohio State’s football teams, the Wolverines and Buckeyes, have one of sports’ most legendary rivalries. Anthony Kiedis made light of Smith’s expert trolling when talking to fans between songs.

“It’s like a furry little cuddly animal that comes into your territory. You get to snuggle with a Wolverine tonight.”

After some boos, Kiedis quipped, “No no, it’s like a pet, furry, cuddly, all up in your [stuff], that’s what Chad is. He’s like one of those pillows you get to hump, a wolverine pillow that you can hump tonight, with your Buckeye ass.”

The band also debuted their new single “Dark Necessities” live. Watch video of the trolling and “Dark Necessities” below!